OK, i’ve probably said this many times in a row, but WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG 😀

First off, the name, is not greentea-mocha-kimchi anymore 😦 BECAUSEEE….WordPress does allow “-” -_-. AAND, i have already created a site that was “grenteamochakimchi” all in one…BUT..i deleted it. so “Shorinoyoru” is the new name for my blog.

And if you are wondering what it means…it means, “Night of Victory” in Japanese. Yes, I’m not a great blogger namer, but I hope….I will continue this blog… 🙂

So yeah a little run down on this thing, is basically my mini diary. Of course, Its not really my diary, but I would put my thoughts in here or maybe some little insight with my life. And of course, things like, little updates on MBLAQ (or any other celeb(s)..but mostly MBLAQ 😉 ) annnd lots and lots more. Probably other links, details and news about other stuff; video game reviews, makeup and hair products reviews (probably)…uhhh….oh and possibly fanfics.Also my artwork, but that would be mostly up in deviantart. but i will post a link to everything soon!

  For now, that is all 🙂 I got to get back to my work now. No more procrastination 😦 


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