MBLAQ&……..?? :P

OK, i should be doing work right now , but I’ll be quick :). Soooo, MBLAQ has ended their promotions with “It’s War”. In the end, i am very proud of them and proud of being an A+! Of course, I’d love MBLAQ to triple crown every station, but. 2 wins is good still.I will continue to support oppas till the very end. ♥

Right now, i have a new obsession. MBLAQ is still in my heart…but there are a lot of people who have 2, or more favorite groups. And now im one of them. Its a group that everyone’s been raving about……………………….


B.A.P! : YEEEE~ Yeah, I’m just addicted to their song, “Warrior” \. so catchy! Anyways, my bias in that group is yougner than me! :OOO I’M A NOONA NOW 😀 I feel old.So yeah, JOngUp is my bias. He’s just so adorable looking. i feel so pedo. 😦 Anywho, really quick JOngup pics spam 🙂



[Blabber] MBLAQ’s winnings?

I was really thinking of uploading the video of me personally talking about this problem, but when i viewed it, i just didnt feel that idea i was going for. SO lets hope typing all this will work.

Note: Let me just remind you, I AM NOT AN ANTI TO ANY KOREAN BANDS. ALRIGHT. I am just pointing out my sides of things and since I am an A+ (MBLAQ’s fangroup) I am more obviously towards the fact MBLAQ. So now, lets start shall we?

OK, so first off, I really believe every band out there has potential to rise. As long as they work hard, love their fans, take care of themselves at the same time, there pretty much golden! But look, the KOrean music industry is, honestly, in my opinion, fucked up. Why you may ask? Because it just is. It really has changed over the past years, i think before 2008, songs back then were very well done. They all had singing talent, the songs were unique. Nowadays, I beleive everyone is all caught up in looks, looks and more looks. Why looks? Becuase as long as you look good, you’re skinny, you have nice skin or whatever the fuck they go for, you are guarantee a spot in a group. And because of that, there are so many groups out there! JUST TOO MANY. I remember the good ol days, where it was, DBSK, Big Bang…you know. NOw its like, 1, 2, 3, 46576, 560847657686 sdfkjdkddizs. -_-I also think that the more you have in a group, the more popuklar you are with the fans. Because there are more to look at, (since everyone’s all paying attention to their faces now not their voices…) so they will usually do better. Example for ya? Super Junior, Snsd, 2pm, T-ara, etc.Basically, whoever has atl east 4-5 or more people in a group, YOU’RE A WINNER COOKIES FOR EVERYONE. -___________-

Now that we cleared this issue up, let’s get down to it. MBLAQ’s winning spree. Yes, I am very glad that they have currently won 2 times in a row in Mcoutndown. I really think our work has paid off. I literally am searching, streaming, voting, my ass off, trying to get these points to go up. And really, i am very happy that it has paid off. But here is the thing. I honestly have nothing against T-ara, or whatever, but really, i think Lovey dovey and roly poly does not deserve to win 905858 times (im exaggerating here..). Their song, TTL was the best. They all sang it perfectly, but really, Lovey dovey had a long ass friggin “mv” to go with it and so did roly poly. Everyone is saying their song is so catchy and what not and im like staring at the screen, ‘am i the only who feels different?’ AND i watched that BEFORE mblaq’s song came out. Anywho, back tothe topic, in my opinion i think T-ara should’ve have won all those awards. And they did so, because their fans all loved them. There were so many of them, who can not? -__-”’ Its like, anyone with pretty./handsome members can pull off ANY song, no matter how fucked up it sounds, they will still win by getting everyone’s attention with their faces. THats how messed up the industry there. 

And because bigger companies buy off their albums (WHAT THEFUCK???) theywill definitely pull up up the votes which it not fair to the others. Sing mblaq’s company is jtune, its not as big as others like SM, YG etc. And t-ara is in a large comapny so they are able to buy it off= getting more points to win. 

But hey, no matter what us A+ stayed strong, and because of that, MBLAQ won 2 times, and i am hoping for a three weeker. NOw another problem occurs. Teen Top is also rising. Have you heard their song? It’s average. Not the best, but average. And….they won on mUsic bank and inkigayo this week. Motherfu****. Really. And what really amazes me is that apparently brave sound bought their songs at the last minute to pull up those votes. Talk about low ass cheaters. I found all that out today when G.O tweeted. Jtune cannot do something drastic (Why wouldnt they??) like that, so they have to rely on our votes and streamers. 

Anyways, I am ending this, because i have shit to do. I am streaming and voting and searching and everything…………….