[Game Review]: Ninja Gaiden 3


If you are not familiar with my review style, here is a quick pointer…basically i state the pros,
cons and then the final verdict. simple? lets get started.

So, first off, I have been a fan of the NG series. I have the NG1, NG Black, NG2 and now NG3.
(i own the 360), and lets just say, I had really high hopes for this game. And did it satisfy me?
Not quite. And i am more than slightly disappointed. There was just so many things…that needed
to change in this game, sad to say. so let’s just go with the pros first…

-There is a different kind of attacking style in this game, you punch in your usual combo and
if you get a correct combo, you can get do something that’s called, “steel meet bone” attack.
its basically what is means, when your sword slices through the flesh and contacts with the bone
of your enemy. you get this slow-mo effect, which is nice and if you put in the right button
it tells you on the screen, you successfully did it. it also applies to different things like sliding to
duck objects, usung kunai knives to clumb up or falcon dives. Its a nice effect, and i actually enjoyed
the stimulation.

-the movies were longer. in previous NG games, there were only little tidbits of movies,
but this game there is a lot, which can be good and bad. but i enjoyed them.

-Let’s me just say, its a far cry from its previous games.
-Ryu Hayabusa (the main character) is all of the sudden so talkative and friendly. dont get me wrong,
i mean, i don’t want him to be a dick and not say anything, but coming from a fan who played
the games, he doesn’t come across as a really talkative person. and…well, in this game he was just
so plain talkative and…it was weird. :/ he in a way, in my opinion losses his cool, badass aura…
(and this may not apply to male players, but coming from a female perspective, i really
liked badass, one sentence answer Ryu alot better…so this is by far the most disappointment
out of all these con points..)

– Where did all of the selection of weapons go??? WHERE? you only get to use the sword,
and a bow as your secondary. I mean, it was cool with all of the other weapons, the
Lunar, nunchaku, the Scythe etc. :O I mean, with a bunch of various weapons to choose from
you can kill them with style! But, NG3 only had the sword, which failed to impress me.
Second to that, there was only one nimpo, you know the different power scroll you
could use to add more damage to you enemy? Yeah, theres only one of that as well. talk
about being so resourceful…

-There is a lack of creativity towards enemies, monsters etc. I felt as if i was battling the same old
people/monsters over and over again…

-Um…the boss levels. Well…um, it was plain easy. I remember cussing every time i failed
defeating them in the previous games but these bosses…just…seem to be as easy as the
common enemies.

-The levels were not quite as challenging as i hoped. everyone is saying how NG is
one of the toughest games to beat, but this one, just stops it. SOme comments i read
they beat the game in mere hours…

-on top of the previous point^, there was a lot of “help”. BY pressing the right thumb
stick, the game points you into the right direction. yes, great time saver, but too easy. AND
the nimpo that you use, restores your health, so yeah, no more Muramasa, no more potions..

-wow, isnt the cons list getting long? 😦 next is the game is TOO SHORT. TOO SHORT. Why….
i paid for this game when it came out…and it was too short.

-basically, another comment said that the “game was like a demo because of the limited
things you could do..” i totally agreed to that point. This game lacked so many aspects that the olf
NG games had, it was really a downer. I hate seeing so many dislikes and poor rateings on a
game i loved, but really, it’s true. NG3 did not live up to the usual NG games.

In the end, i am dissapointed. To be honest im not done the game, (i had tons of homework..)
but i can sense it to be close to finish soon. Im on the 6th chapter, and its been a day when i got it.
I honestly don’t know what to say next, but all i can say isthat the game is a real bummer. hate
to say it, but it is. and im very upset about it >< .i don’t know if it was the collaboration with
tecmo and koei, but i really hope theydo realize it wasn’t as great as fans expected. i hope they
will next time, if there is a next time (i actually hope so) make a 4th one, and to not take away so
many aspects out of it, because those were the things that made NG unique.

And i also checked IGN’s review and it they just tore that review apart. I mean yes, the things the guy was saying i did take into account but giving it a mere 3/10??? WTF? I’m sorry, it deserves a bit more than that. 

So lets hope, hopefully *crosses fingers* they will make a fourth one, and hopefully that would be the time for them to redeem themselves and get back their good old NG fans 🙂 

Final rating: 6/10 😦
sigh, im so sad right now D: but i will still play it, and hope for a better game enxt time. And i hope
Ryu doesnt die…becuae that would be an even a bigger disappointment. </3