Im back

First off, I’m back…again…once again. I haven’t gotten a chance to blog ANYTHING due to no internet access ;____________: *tears* how do i live without friggin internet? I DONT EVEN KNOW.
Sooo, during the summer I did end up getting a job. Maybe its because it was my first one…but it was terrible. So..I guess thankfully I had to quit before school started becuase im such a go-getter-school person. (and because the fact that I hated it..shh)

But on the bright side, at least i “got the foot in the door” kind of thing.

Annnnd, I also have gotten my manga done! But, I still dont feel AS confident to put it up just yet. But its looks good, if i do say so myself 🙂 it is a total of 124 pages. Props to me yooo