Hello all! I just caught up to the new TV show im currently obsessed with! The Following is such a an amazing, intense series! I love it! I really hope they will go for another season! i bet they will but OMG its the best! 

I’ve never been so hooked onto a TV series (besides anime and some asian  dramas LOL) but this one here is soooooo friggin amazing!

The main character (Ryan Hardy played by Kevin Bacon) has so much charisma and awesomeness and he’s so great trying his very best to keep the people he loves safe.

I was also in love with one of the villains in the show, his name is Roderick – hope thats how you spell his name lol but he is played by   Warren Kole and i think he absolutely adorable! hehe

SPOILER ALERT: so sad that he has to die 😦 cries


and friggin hell, Emma really anoys the hell out of me. she’s such a slutty bitch and i hate her so much. lol GAH i want to punch her face so hard =__=

Guess who just got Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor Edge??


Me!!! 🙂

I am so excited to play today! I was really looking forward to the online matches because I heard they redid some stuff, add more weapons and nimpos and all that good stuff.

So when I played it I was literally overwhelmed! Everything about the online game was so much better, it was faster pacing (sometimes you wonder ‘ whut just happened to meh? derp ) and the whole unlocking weapons, clothes, nimpos and abilities was great! 

Though I reallyshould review this game soon (after im finished it for the 3483849th time, I can really say it is a BIG improvement from the last NG 3 game. I am really glad they did the revisions and brought it back to the XBOX 360 and the PS3. 

Well, till next time! Wheeeeeeee :p