Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin!!! + ramble :)

Hello again, I have some free time right now, so I feel like rambling about a new anime I’ve been hooked on…which is…………….

Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin!!! 



So pretty much it’s about this guy named Eren and he lost his mom to these giant humanoid…things called Titans and they like eat humans and they look really creepy and everything. So Eren goes on and wants to defeat and kill all these Titans to get revenge for his mother, duh. Accompanied him is his two friends, Mikasa and Armin and they all go this military school and train to defeat these Titans and yeah…terrible summary but that’s why you have Wikipedia 😀 

It’s an awesome anime, and there’s always things happening in the scene, so its never a bore (well at least i think so). It is still currently airing and I am on Episode 19 I think, so I’m just waiting for it to be finished airing  so that I can watch it without waiting another week.

Now onto my little ramble.

So it is relating to the anime but I have this one teeny problem, every time I watch it. So, like i mentioned before above, Eren has a friend named Mikasa right? That’s a girl by the way.. Whenever I watch an anime, if there is a girl in the show  significant or not, if she opens her mouth  and starts talking in an annoying and whiny way..i immediately just begin hating on the girl. I can’t stand whiny, high pitched trying-to-be-cute girl characters. Now Mikasa…is faaaaaaaaaaar from that. She’s all quiet and doesn’t really have emotions (hey like spock 😀 ) SO you assume I wouldn’t have any problem with her right? WRONG. OK so here’s the thing…she’s like really, really, really, really, really x 230940353858 protective of Eren. She’s a really strong fighter and everything but she’s always to Eren “are you ok?” “let me help you” “let me come with you” “i can do this, stay behind me”.

Dont get me wrong, I don’t mind strong female characters but..I don’t know, she ‘s sort of shows off her skills and kind of like acts like oh, she didn’t mean to flaunt it all? you know? And she’s always so attached to Eren, it obvious the she likes him but its weird how she shows it..I DONT KNOW. SOme people find her annoying too but a lot of people LOVE her, thats cool thats their opinion, and that’s mine. So every time I watch it, and Mikasa comes on…i start praying that she doesn’t go overprotective on Eren…but then she does it anyways and I’m like AAAAH SHUT UP -__-

Anyways , You may have heard of this or not but really check it out! ITS EPIC 😀 here is the LINK and more in depth info


Hello all…

I actually got some time on my hands right now and I feel like posing some shtuff here 😀 

So I finally gotten back to school (actually its been like 3 weeks already)  but I am already loaded with a crap load of homework. And because this is my last year in Animation…I LIKE REALLY HAVE SO MUCH PRESSURE ON ME LIKE OMG. Yeah. I feel that way about it everyday. Don’t you just love extra stress that gladly plops onto you? 

But in a way I feel its like a motivation for me to get better and learn more. Not that I wasn’t trying at all before..but it just hit me right now. :/ I don’t know, sometimes I feel super uber confident in my work and then there many days where it’s like…um, can you not display it in front of the class, kthx..

Not only that there’s a douchebag in my class who i hate (yes i know hate is a very strong word, whatevs) and he’s such a…and asshole… Well, let’s just say he was kind of racist towards Asians. Mmhmm, fucking retard. 

Anywho……………. hoping and praying to get better and be successful. I honestly want to show myself that I can do this. *yesican* :3