Nintendo 3DS!!

Hey! This will be a quickie post, but a week ago I bought myself (or should I say, rewarded myself) an 3DS! I got the pearl light pink and white one! Its so pretty! 😀 This is what it looks like..  



And i got a the large one just because my friend was saying the regular version was really tiny. I thought the one he had was the regular version! Imagine that, So if you are planning to get one, the larger one is a lot better, and apparently its 90% bigger than the original. And its a few bucks a bit more expensive but if you know you’re going to play with it a lot, i recommend getting the bigger one ;D

I got the 3DS for the new pokemon games actually LOL I ended up getting Pokemon Y because I thought the pokemon on the cover looked cooler haha anyways.. back to my homework now -___-