Free! Season 2 rant + review! :P

Alright, first off SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen/finished Free! Season 2

OK, now that’s out-of-the-way, let me begin my thoughts/ rant whatever you may want to call it. This is purely MY OWN OPINION, this is I guess, is also a review of the show and how I thought of it overall.

Well, I actually just finished watching the last episode of Season 2…and let me tell you…soemthing is really bugging me. Like reeeaaally bugging me. I’m going to be honest here, I’m actually quite disappointed with Season 2 😦 As much as it kills me to say it, I really did not like season 2. Season 1 had more  plot, there was a lot more character development/ character strength improvements, more “problems” while balancing “fun” episodes. Season 2 was just a huge emotional mess.

Now, like my previous post (the one talking about spoilers…), I don’t binge watch shows. I like to take my time with shows/animes, and so I only watch them once a week. (how I manage to do that, beats me) Because of that, I lose track of what’s going on and what happened in the last episode etc. BUT its harder for me to concentrate when I’m slowly slipping away from the show, does that make sense? xD

After season 1, I was in love with the show. The first episode was the best, it got me right in. OK, maybe it has something to do with goodlooking shirtless guys wearing tight speedos doing overly flashy poses, but what really got me into it, was the story, the animation, the characters, even the music! Everything was wonderful, and I have finally found another Anime that I truly love and enjoy! Season 1 wrapped up nicely, and hearing that there would be a second season coming, made me that much more excited!

Well……season 2 was very different. Honestly, when they were introducing new characters, I thought there would be “another rival” for Haru, *cough cough Sousuke cough*. But…he didn’t really do much :/ Yes he had an injury, so maybe that was the reason why he couldn’t do much, but he didn’t have that, ‘badass, I’m gonna beat you in any way possible’ vibe. Initially, I felt he did, but his character ended up being bland and disappointing. Aaah, i feel bad…I really don’t want to talk bad about this show because I Love it, buts sighs, its bothering me so much >.<

Secondly, there’s a lot of emotional scenes, like it got pretty deep. Everyone was all stressing about what there gonna do after high school, Haru had this super high nightmare, Nagisa was running away from home…all of these random problems, it just…didn’t really fit in. I felt like the creators slowly got bored, and just added some random problems that each characters could have, to fill in each episode. It wasn’t about making the team better anymore, it more like, ‘oh, I have a problem, let’s all fix it before we can move on to practice.’

Lastly, the very last episode has got to be the most disappointing. I kinda lost track of what happened, but I thought RIn’s team and Haru’s team would swim against each other in a relay. Instead, it was only Haru’s team that swam? I mean, they could have had one (intense) last match before wrapping up the season, but they didn’t which made me feel…uneasy/disjointed?

Sighs, anyways, I don’t know, throughout the season I always wondered if their going to continue with it, and with that ending…I really don’t think so. >_< I wish there was, I mean…there could be a slight possibility, because it shows Rin and Haru in a World competition, but that’s it. Ehh It could just mean that they fulfilled there dreams and…. The End? sighs

It saddens me to think that it’s over, I really believe this show had so much potential. I even thought of countless ideas of what would’ve happened in season 2, but none of it happened. Anyways, I guess I’m bothered by the fact that the whole season in general was all over the place. Who else feels kinda weird after watching the last episode? Is it just me? Probably…

I’ll give season 2 a:     4.5/10 >__<

Season 1 was: 10/10 really! ^_^ I enjoyed it that much. ❤

Anyways, that wraps up my crappy review and rant. Part of me is hoping there would be a season 3…but its probably never gonna happen. sighs 😥  ok till next time guys!

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 7.39.37 PM

Being Unapproachable..

OK, so this post is going to be another SA related posts. Like before, I am writing this on a day before  I posted, because I have no itnernet….still -_-

So, just a few days ago, we had my sister’s birthday party. Because it was sister’s party, we had to host it ourselves. (Usually these parties are only family related, so no friends came over.) And so, the party began, I was busy cooking the dumplings I made and looked after some of the other food on the stove. IN a way, I was glad that I was in charge of cooking, that way I don’t look like I”m doing nothing.

The party began and my relatives started to come in. At frist it was OK because I was cooking, and not everyone arrived. But as soon as everyone came, it got a little…awkward. Now, some people may say that they don’t click well with their cousins…and some get along with them nicely, it all depends. I was fortunate to have, you can say “nice” cousins, cousins and relatives that are generally good people. Wow, I make it sounds like family is a terrible thing D: I didn’t mean that..

Anyways, the point of this post is that, I don’t think I’m an approachable person. I’ve been told that I look “cold” and that I don’t care, so people don’t bother to approach me…or are afraid of approaching me. It may be related to the whole SA thing, but I am starting to realize it. Because recently during family parties, I noticed that more of my cousins go talk to my sister more than me. My sister,  she is also shy but I wouldn’t say she has SA.

It just got me thinking (stress thinking)…am I really that hard to talk to? Am I really that…”scary”? I don’t know, mentally I feel like I’m just being me. SOmetimes when I  “act like I don’t care” its because I want to hide my shyness. There is this wall/border thing I put up whenever I meet new people, or people who I don’t usually talk to a lot, and I guess that wall symbolizes my “coldness”, if you will. I put it up so that it makes me feel better than to let my shy side show…does that make any sense? eh it makes sense in my head ;__;

Like,  I rather show that I don’t care, than show them that I’m afraid to talk to them. I think that makes more sense. Anyways, during the party, my sister was always being talked to, which left me in the distance, (mind you I was cooking, but right after I felt like I was left there…) So I would hang around her, in hopes that someone would say something to me.

I am obviously not the initiative type, I want people to come up to me. I can’t just go up to someone and start chatting away, even if I wanted to, I get all anxious and start stuttering. Sighs, maybe I’m not the only one, but I feel like people mistaken us as cold people. We want to be talked to. We want to feel welcomed and included. Alright fine, we may look like a pissed off bitch…but inside we’re not. (Well…) We just want to be given a chance, even though we may not look like we would appreciate it, you know?

That’s all I ever want. I feel that people can only wait so much, if they feel you’re not worth talking to because you don’t say much, their not going to bother with you anymore. There going to ignore you because you didn’t contribute before hand.

OK Man, ok this posts doesn’t even make sense. Anyways, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Maybe I’m feeling this way is because during that day I had to show my new demo reel. And so all that other stress on top of this problem was just too much for me. Am I the only one who feels this way? I’m so strange aren’t I….

More Shinies..?!1?! YAAAS!

Hey everyone! As you can tell from the title…I chained some more SHiny Pokemon!! I wish I wrote down the dates that I caught them, but recently, I’ve caught more new ones, All within 2-3 weeks. Mind you, I don’t chain everyday, but if I do, it would be like 2 hours max a day, (I can’t do more than that, I get headaches lol)

So from my previous posts, I mentioned that I got a Shiny girl Eevee. I know I’m being picky (and sexist… >.<), but I wanted a boy Eevee, because of the nickname I wanted to name him. SO I chained again, and after about 100 or so encounters (I forgot the number of the chains) another Shiny Eevee popped up! And it was a boy! But…..schynozed didn’t work! It wasn’t Impish, it was a neutral nature! -__- Not only that I took him to the IV checker and let’s just say…he sucks lol. Poor thing 😦 Anyways, he wasn’t useable, so I took a break from chaining Eevees Because at that time the sound it makes was making me go crazy.

In between all of this, I tried to Shiny breed again. ITS SO BORING OMG. ALL YOU DO IS RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES AND WAIT FOR THE BABIES TO HATCH OMG. It brought back terrifying memories of my XY shiny breeding days…and still no shiny ;___; I’m trying again at a Shiny Axew, because chaining him in the cave is suicide.

And so, just yesterday (I’m writing it on the day before..because no itnerent..again..) I was chaining them again, and then just when I was talking to my sister about not getting one..another one popped up!! And it was a boy….WITH 3 IVS!! It was amazing!! I caught him, and low and behold, it had the nature I wanted!!! So with that, I finally named him Kuroko, the to be Shiny Umbreon! Because it fits! It fits so well! That’s why I was so picky about the genders :’) I’m so happy because it was more than I wanted, and the cutie pie showed up just when I felt like giving up. That is really the best part, when you least expect it. 😀

The very next day, that lovely encounter made me want to get another Shiny xD So I decided to try my hand at fish chaining. I never really did it before because of no patience, but now that I have free time (lots of it…) I was like, what the heck lets chain a Shiny Pokemon. I wanted to try to get a Shiny Feebas (male of course 😀 ) My friend gave me his Shiny Milotic, but it was a girl…and not only that it wasn’t mine. Is that weird? I want my name to be on the Pokemon because it symbolizes your hard work lol

I did a little research and you’re supposed to have a Pokemon with the ability Suction Cups, to increase the number of reels you get. Now because of that, you can’t synchronize! I was really debating on what to do, because the right nature is very important. The first half hour, I tried to chain them while surfing on my Pokemon, and it wasn’t as torturous as chaining in a cave, but after a while these things don’t give you enough time to catch them and they run…or I end up scaring them away ;__; SO then, I resorted to my Suction cups method.

After a few tries, I finally got used to it. It’s a lot more calmer and relaxing than sneaking around, but it require A LOT of concentration. One quick or late reel in, you break your chain 😦 I was really finger twitchy and I accidentally reeled in too quick and broke the chain fml. But after a few more tries, I got the hang of it.

And so, I think about 60 or so chains, I finally got a Shiny Feebas! A male one too! Not sure if I broke the chain, if I did, it was a chain of 20ish. Now I guess this is what you get when you don’t synchronize, My Feebas ended up having a neutral nature and TERRIBLE IVS lmao. sighs, I guess I’m not super shocked, and it wasn’t as bad, so I’ll try for another one again. I know I sound really frugal but I used a Dive ball on him, because its so pretty and…soooo I wasted my dive ball on a POkemon that I won’t need, aah oh well.

Anyways, that’s my up to date Shiny hunt lol Shiny hunting is actually easy and fun. My SHiny team is coming together and I can’t wait to finally use them online! Even though I have my own main team, I want to have a separate team just for SHinies ^.^ Anywho, till next time!

p.s Imma upload the pictures later, because I’m on a really slow computer T___T

On Feb 8th…something wonderful happened :) (to me at least)

On the day of Feb 8 2015…Kris and Luhan finally were in the same place together! After like, 8ish months? I woke up to this wonderful news, seeing them close together and with smiles on their faces really made me super happy!

I’m a super Kris and Luhan shipper, and seeing them together again makes me sooo happy! I was feeling this warm fuzzy feeling inside (i know its cheesy) but it really warmed my heart! :’) Luhan was being really close and clingy lol and he didn’t want to leave Kris’s side, and Kris didn’t look like he wanted to leave him either! aaaah, it was so cute. At the end, Luhan went to grab Kris’s arm and then someone separated them, and Luhan was like, “Call me!” LOL awww, and Kris was like nodding and smiling. ❤

The thing is, they weren’t supposed to be seen together in public because of the on going mediation. I’m just kinda worried that SM would do something drastic…I hope nothing bad happens. SM has already filed a lawsuit against them because they were doing activities while in mediation which in my opinion is absolute BS. Because past cases, some were allowed to do other things. I mean, what are they supposed to do? Lie in bed for the rest of their lives? -_- Anyways, I really love today (or the 8th, because I’m typing this yesterday) I really hope for a collab together, I can just imagine the double fangrling I would be doing :DDD

(I would be putting a picture up but I’m using my mom’s computer which is unbearably slow..)