My rant about the ending of KnB Season2….

Alright, I told myself that I won’t write this , because 1. I’m like a year behind lol and 2. I’m kinda over it…but not really? But its nagging me in the back of my head, so I was like oooook, I’ll just get it off my chest. ok from the title, you can see what I’ll be ranting about…for those who haven’t seen it yet, spoiler alert! also this is my opinion, so if you got yours, wonderful..this is mine *puts hands on hips sassilly* <- is that even a word?

NOw….let me just tell you…..I HATE HOW IT ENDED. I’ve read some other comments and opinions about the match and most felt the same way, some had their own reasons, but here are mine.

OK, so first off, I spoiled it for my self a looooong time ago, I already knew Murasakibara was going to be in the zone, I just didn’t know when he would. SO, I’m watching the last 2 episodes, and omg there is just too many things that are bothering me about the whole match.

My main concern is the fact that Kagami went into the zone….again?!?!1 Yah, again, now ok, I know that Seirin is the main team to cheer for, blah blah blah…but honestly…Kagami going into the zone again makes it too jarring. Its like, they always need to depend on the zone in order to win. -_- LIke, I know it was that time of the story where the zone was being introduced but even Aomine said that it is harder to get into the zone for the second time…. And Kagami got in like it was a piece of cake. Also it was because of like, friendship or something like that, made him get into, whatever. That was the main reason why I had my jaw drop for the entire match, not because of amazement but because of disapproval. Also, the time limit in Kagami’s zone felt way too long. I know in reality it was probably like under a minute or 2, but I don’t know, and when he was doing his Jam thing (lol), it looked like he got even more boost from the zone and just won like that. Is it just me, or do I hear favouritism?

Second reason is that, why Murasakibara couldn’t jump at the last second? HOnestly, when that happened I literally choked on my spit. Like really…OK, let me just put it all out there, I am a big Murasakibara fan, and when I saw that I seriously couldn’t take it anymore. It’s like, that’s another excuse for Seirin to take home the point. I read some comment saying that there was a really subtle clue that showed Murasakibara’s “weakened” legs (It was the part where Kagami went for a three point but it didn’t go in), it showed Murasakibara kinda grunting (?) and Kuroko looked kinda shocked. I honestly thought KUroko’s reaction was because he knew the shot wouldn’t go in, but anyways that’s besides the point. So yeah, I know Himuro sort of explained it saying that he couldn’t jump because he was jumping around for the entire game, but stil…it just felt too a bad way of course.

And then third, is the last half of the game, the rest of Yosen seemed irrelevant. It was only Murasakibara and HImuro, and the rest were kinda just there (or not even there..) In the beginning They were all hyping their heights and defense skills, and then the last half Seirin was like, OK, let’s just charge in like no one’s home! No big deal right? -_-

Anyways, other weird stuff some people were saying is how KUroko was able to smack the ball out of Murasakibara’s hands in the end. I kinda thought it was as wee bit jarring but not really, I Mean, Murasakibara was hunched, with his knees bent and torso curled, his arms were not really extended, so in my prediction he temporally became maybe 6″4ish? KUroko is 5″6 (correct me if im wrong) and he jumped and raised his arms up adding to his height maybe close to 6″5 or even higher. I thought that was more believable than Kagami being able to be in the zone the second time. And there’s Kiyoshi, returning from his trauma, and miraculously able to jump in to help Kagami push the ball out of Murasakibara’s grip. I don’t know man, I don’t know…

Now the things is, story/plot wise, it all “makes sense”. Seirin is the main team to root for, so obviously they HAD to win. That’s the only thing that’s making their win understandable. I’m not being butt hurt or anything (maybe a little..but of good reason!), I don’t mind Yosen losing, it’s how they lost, that’s what made me bothered. Because technically speaking, without the zone, Seirin would have lost. Heck they were losing throughout the whole match. I feel like the zone is too easily activated, even Murasakibara got into it as well. (Don’t get me wrong, I love it when he was in zone 😉 and it was nice to know that he like basketball afterall)

Anywho, this rant is forever long, i Just had to get it off my chest. I’m watching the 3rd season now, and I’m anticipating Akashi like theres no tomorrow. That guy freaks me out …in a good way 😉 k till, next time!

There is this friend of mine…..

Heylo again…this is gonna be another rant aha…don’t I love ranting? I do really, all of my rants are all things that bother/piss me off, so yaaah, let’s begin shall we?

Now from my title, you can probably know what it’s going to be about. So obviously, I’m not going to mention any names here..but I have this one friend, I went to college with her, and throughout my 3 college years, we have gotten close. Random side note, is that my cousin told me (before I stared college) is that the people you meet in College/Uni, you will “click” with them a lot more, than ones in high school. Its because you’re in the same program, or relevant program, and you share the same interest as each other. So naturally, you bond better.

And so, I found a really good friend, who likes the same stuff as me, and even are the same personality type <- does that make sense? Like she’s shy and quiet too, like me :3

OK, so, anyways my friend graduated a year earlier than I did, (because our program had this extended version of the program and I took that one, whereas she took the shortened version) and so, for my last year, she was not in school anymore (duh) Because of that, I’ve lost in touch with her by a lot. I’m not really great at keeping in touch with people, I don’t even talk to any of my high school “friends” so, yeah, go figure.

ANyways, I try my best to keep in touch with her, because I genuinely like her as a person and good friend. We talk occasionally, but lately she hasn’t even responded any of my messages on Facebook. Or that she takes forever long to reply back…(I sound like a dude, don’t I?) And you know Facebook now, it makes it so damn obvious that someone has read your messages with that check mark sign… And also that she is active on Facebook, like I see her liking stuff and posting whatever on her wall..

Wow, I sound like a naggy and clingy person huh? 😦 Anyways, the point is, I’m just scared I will lose her as a friend. She was so nice to me, and I really felt “like myself'”, and I was comfortable whenever I am with her. Sometimes when I’m with my other friend, she just drives me crazy and my anxiety goes up the roof.

Recently I asked my college friend if she wanted to go to some Anime convention lol, and she responded shortly after saying shr would come if I would go. SO I was like, great, let’s plan for it then!..and then she stopped responding again..-_- Am I really that…boring…unintersting? >.< Sighs, anyways, that was my problem of the day (besides from the previous nuisance).

I just don’t know anymore, am I the only one feeling this way? I just feel like every single one of my friends will leave me…and who will I be then? >__< I don’t want to keep thinking of that…sighs…alright, enough of this sad crap…Imma go now… I Hope things will be brighter for me soon….

What the actual hell….

Hello all..

This is just another rant post thing that’s unexpectedly came up at kicked me in the butt…

So, I decided to go to the library again. I find that going to the library kinda helps me concentrate and do other some things without being distracted. I think its because I’m surrounded by people and I don’t want them to see what I “Really do”

Anyways, I’m at the library and I decided that I should start checking and applying to places again. SO I did, and I found 2 postings on that were relevant! I applied for the first one, and then the second one I was more excited about. Not only is it in the same city I’m in, but the requirements list didn’t seem daunting! So I tried to apply to it. I checked the website to find the contact info and to see if the posting was there, but when I did, I found no such thing.

I checked all over the site and couldn’t even find a contact email or that particular job posting. Which kinda got me thinking…is Indeed giving me wrong information?

I googled it, and let me just tell you, I am more than frustrated. Heck, frustrated is an understatement. Indeed, and probably other job hunting sites are no good at all. I found out that Indeed posts jobs that are already a week old, and by the time you apply to them, they have already chosen their candidate. -__- All this time, I have been using Indeed, and now I feel like I wasted all of my friggin time on it.

Don’t get me wrong, Indeed isn’t entirely bad, its a good way to get in the right direction, but literally, I have been applying jobs using that for a year now, and nothing…absolutely nothing. I’m so mad right now…I felt like I wasted my time. wasted so much….sighs…

Now what do I do? I’m feeling so lost again. All this time I could have applied to other places (aka the actual site of companies/studios) and instead, used that….uuugh, I just can’t anymore..

On the bright side, now that I’m FINALLY aware of this ridiculous Sh**, I can now just focus on looking at the actual sites for postings. Sighs…I hope there is something for me soon…I’m getting so restless and scared. I don’t want to lose hope…I don’t want to…

OK, I’ll probably be back with another post, because I”m here at the library so what the heck,.k, see ya there..

No Internet is a blessing in disguise

OK, so let me just start off by saying that I probably visited the library about every week now. Since I have no internet access (blame my dad for grounding me for the 9320230438483th time..) I literally take the trip to the library every week. And by trip I mean walk 30-40 minutes to the library. To be honest I enjoy walking outside, it gives me fresh air and some exercise, even though I try to work out every other day.

You’re probably wondering how the hell I can survive with no internet. Beats me! I guess I’ve grown accustomed to not “depend” on internet so much, so that I could actually survive everyday. SOmetimes you just have to unplug from your electronic devices and enjoy things that’s besides phones and laptops.

Now look, I’m not doing a cleanse or whatever, I never asked to be grounded 24/7, but honestly, sometimes I feel that the internet can be kinda depressing. Especially for people like me who suffers with SA a bit, its kinda overwhelming to log onto Facebook and find people doing “Exciting” things like partying and drinking and whatnot. I try to not let that bother me so much as I try to limit my Facebook usage. (HAA who uses Facebook anymore..?)

Anyways the point is, maybe we should all unplug ourselves from this crazy world, you would be amazed that just enjoying (physical) time with family and friends (or even with yourself) is a lot more relaxing than going to see who’s drunk on Facebook and who/s hooking up with who, blah blah blah.

DO not get me wrong, I enjoy the internet. You can see many different things on the internet, you can watch videos, go through people’s blogs, chat with people who have common interests as you on forums etc. But all I’m saying, don’t immerse yourself too much on the internet, we live in a 3D world…not a world through a LED screen.