I have a serious problem…

WARNING: I’m swearing in this post, you’ve been warned

Yup, from the title, I really feel like I have a problem. And before you start thinking I do drugs…no, I don’t, it’s not about drugs, not about drinking or whatever you may think. YOu’re going to think its soooo ridiculous (which I totally agree, but I really can’t stop thinking about it) Anyways , here we go…

So, like everyone, I have a pet peeve (well I have more than one aha). My main pet peeve, is I literally HATE when people copy me. Yeah. I absolutely hate it. And that’s pretty much it, whatever someone copies me, I get so frustrated and angry. See how dumb that is? I really wish I wasn’t so bothered by it, but it just gets me so friggin angry!!!
The reason why I’m posting this dumb rant, is because someone I Know has crossed the line (lol). OK, obviously I”m not going to mention any names here, and if that person so happens to stumble on this…GOOD.

OK, so what happened was, the beginning of the year and on, I’ve been really obsessing over a certain show (not gonna say that one either, but you probably can guess it) Now, its takes me a while to be obsessed with a show, and the show that I’m watching is just too good, so I ended up being obsessed over it, but that’s besides the point. So I have this friend and A little back story,a few months ago, he didn’t know anything about it, but noticed that I was watching it. He told me his friend watches it and it was good and all, but he never really had “motivation” to watch it. I felt unsure whether or not I wanted to recommend it to him, but I ended up saying it was a good show. And so, I would occasionally post little gifs from the show on tumblr , or I would post on instagram of the little items I got relating to the show and so, obviously he saw that I really into it.

And so, fast forward to now, my friend just recently started to watch that show too. I met up with him a week ago, and boom, he surprised me with an excited face saying he watches the show and is totally loving every single bit of it. -_________- baaaad move buddy, you don’t even know how fucking frustrated and pissed I felt inside. Even typing this up, I want to punch something. I’m that angry. UGH. SO anyways, he’s really into it now, and he’s just bugging me saying it’s so good and is being a friggin fanboy and it just makes me sick to my stomach.

The day when I met up with him, I actually told him about how I felt. The only thing I regret, was that I felt I wasn’t strict enough, and I didn’t really put my point across to him. SO he’s just yapping away, posting stuff about it, making such a big deal and omg it just gets me so mad. The thing is, I think its HIM that makes me mad, like, ok, we have a long history and let’s just say he doesn’t “view me as just a friend” if you know what I mean… I tried picturing my other friend liking the show, and yes I would still be bothered, but I wouldn’t feel that mad and won’t feel my blood boil to the point I would post this dumb rant up. I feel like he’s always trying to like all of the things I like, just so he feel “closer” to me…-_- If that isn’t creepy enough.. (there are lots more of that, but then the posts will be forever long..)

I really don’t know why this is making me feel so angry, I’ve always been like this, I would get so mad over someone copying me. LIke before when my sister copies the same music or genre type I listen to, I get so friggin angry!! And now I have this guy right here, acting like he’s not killing me from the inside, and is just going around spazzing happily and uuugggh, I literally want to hit him. You have no idea.

So yeah, that’s my serious problem. I feel like there was more to tell but I’m so pissed right now, I can’t even think straight. I don’t know what to do, I ranted to my sister about it, I even told my mom for goodness sake. Am I the only one like this? Deep down, I realize its such a dumb and unnecessary thing to worry about, but really, it just hurts. I can’t stop thinking about it, and it gets me so fucking angry. Also, I only get pissed whenever its someone I know that like what I like. If it’s a random stranger, I’m not gonna be like, “yo, stop copying me” but if its someone I Know aka a friend/sister whatever, I become the She Hulk literally…

I think it all falls down to is feeling unique, you know? I don’t give 2 shits about having common interest with him, it’s just so annoying..he’s annoying. Whatever, I’m trying my very best to get over this stupid hell hole I”m in, I can’t stand it. Like I really try to be obvious to him that it pisses me off, but he just doesn’t get the fucking message. *rolls eyes* Men…

ANyways, I’m trying to cool off right now, I feel like I’m having a panic attack or something. I should really go do something else before I really hit something… If anyone has any help or feels the same, please….(and I don’t mean common sense shit like, ‘YOu shouldn’t get made over something like that..’ BECAUSE I CAN’T HELP IT..>___< )
Sorry for the stupid rant and for my swearing…sighs

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