[RANT] My fucking shitty day…(like many others)

Warning: Contains swearing…I’m that pissed

What a day it has been. Now I have been having crap loads of crappy days the past week or so, but this one takes the cake. I don’t know if all of my emotions are just bottled up inside of me and then just decided to explode today, but man was today the cherry on top to a fantastic life. I’m being sarcastic if you haven’t noticed.

For starters, I’ve been having MAJOR mood swings lately. I don’t think I’m Bi-polar, but I think I have somewhat med-high mood swings? And no…it’s not the “monthly” thing either…. (though I expected that but clearly it wasn’t it..) I just been getting mad at little, stupid things and they get me sad or pissed off in a matter of seconds. I question myself to why it bothers me, but it just does! I tried to think “rationally” and not blow up, but it laways ends up being the latter, 99.9% of the time.

So…along with the other crappy days before today, mood swings were the biggest culprit. I’m not going to start accusing this person right off the bat, but the main person that keeps bothering me is my sister. I don’t know, the things she does, says, etc, pisses me to the max. Why? I honestly have no idea, but it could be the fact that her life is/appears to “going smoothly” and “lovely” when mine is just rotting in hell. I find myself switching moods in an instance whenever my sister starts randomly talking about her friends (related back to my other post) , her being in a splendid, sunshine mood all of the time (and when she’s not, she treats me like shit..)

And other things include, the job hunt, instagram (what?), people in general, my relatives, my DAD (that’s the bulk of the problem in this ) and much more..

So yeah, the next thing is as mentioned above, my dad is such an annoying asshole. Ever since I was born, I had always had problems with my dad. I do not like him, I do not respect him at all. Before you start lecturing me, let me tell you this….he emotionally abuses all of us. My mom, my sister and me. He acts all big and mighty, but now that I’m grown up, his stupid lectures and random outbursts do not faze me. It just makes me hate him all that more. I’m not going to into the history of him, but rest assured he’s a loose cannon, he puts down people to make him feel better, he argues with no real sense at all and he punishes us for random, unnecessary reasons. And more, believe me.

And so today, we are in a hotel, and I’m done showering, I come out to get my computer and then he storms in and notices some water on the floor. And then he screams, “WHY IS THERE SO MUCH WATER ON THE FLOOR? YOU’RE LETTING THE WATER GET ON THE FLOOR! WE ARE GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE, CLEAN UP THIS MESS NOW!” And then both me and my sister come and honestly I couldn’t see much, it wasnt;t even a puddle. And so I wiped the best I could, and is that good enough for him? Oh no, he comes back with full on attitude.


What? Am I the only one showering? No, of course not, my sister also, but does he ever blame her? No. Of course not. My sister is the little “angel” and I’m always the person with a giant target on my face. So anyway, I start to get angry and then he likes to talk over and interrupts me (he does that with everyone, like I said, he likes to act high and mighty) and starts saying it’s my fault and whatever, I took the bullet yet again. I said, “alright , alright, its my fault of course, sure.” and then that doesn’t’ satisfy him, he keeps yelling at me and I’m just ignoring him and wiping the fucking dry floor because if I don’t he’ll flip again.

Anyways, I’m obviously so upset with him, he’s such a disrespectful person. He talks down to my mom and treats her like a useless person, and oh, get this. He doesn’t work. He hasn’t worked for YEARS. My mom is carrying us along with a great job, and she’s 2309834893594594 times more stronger than he;ll ever be, Absolutely no respect for him, never, not even on his death bed. Yeah.

As time goes by, as I’m typing this, my plans with my friend got cancelled, I was supposed to meet her tomorrow, but she tells me she’s sick or whatever (not going to doubt…nope…) Now great…I told my parents already that I’m going (before the fight) and now I can’t go and I’m either stuck with my dad or my dad will end up leaving me and going somewhere… fuck, fantastic right?

And lastly, my sister is literally right beside me and she obviously sees me upset, and she does not console me. Thanks for being a wonderful fucking sister, sis. Anyways, I”m so tired of crying and tired of life in generally…I literally hate my life. I can’t catch a break. ugh…..I’m so scared I’m going to do something rash…if you know what I mean…anyways, till next time…or not..

Fanfiction.net Rant

Hello again, and I’m back with another rant! It’ll be quick cuz right now I’m just fuming >.>

Alright so from the title you probably have noticed that it’s about Fanficiton.net. Yes, I write fanfics, (my own stories as well, as I enjoy writing) and so I opened up my Fanfiction account about 4 months ago. So I have a couple of stories there and haven’t received much negative reviews…..until now.

OK, first off, my story is a comedy and romance….. and its about strippers. (not gonna put a link, cuz yah). First off, I honestly thought my idea isn’t that bad/ controversial. The gist of it is about a couple of strippers who dance (duh) and then they fall love with some of the people in the audience. I thought it wasn’t bad, but oh boy are some people sensitive.

I posted the first chapter a day ago, and I got 2 negative reviews on it already. And it’s not even constructive criticism, they say “stripper stories are trash, stop belittling the characters.” and “you’re sick for writing this.” -____- oh ma gaaaawd, it’s a FANFICTION!! friggin hell people.

The thing is that my story is based off of fictional characters. They are not real obviously. If it was about celebs or something, then it would be somewhat different because in a way that’s disrespectful. But fictional characters? Come on. My story was meant to be fun and some people clearly don’t have a sense of humor.

And get this, these people are guest/anonymous reviews which means I cannot reply back to them. And that they are nonexistence users who are either too lazy to log in to their real account (and get blood on their hands) or they just trollin and shit.

honestly, for the next chapter I’m planning to write a little author’s note saying that if they don’t like what I’m writing, don’t fucking read it! Simple as that jeez lol But whatever, some people are just too childish and dumb to act like mature beings and they just like doing it for the fun of it. Ugh.

anyways, that’s my little random rant. I read up on it too, and people are complaining about these guest/anonymous users. I wish Fanfiction.net automatically deletes them, it’s not helpful for the writer and the fanficiton community. Frankly speaking, it kinda ruins the experience, ya know? You’re probably saying just grow a thicker skin, why not those idiots go throw themselves out the window? Ya, peace.

[Review ] Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

Hey guys, I’m still alive, how is everyone? From the previous posts I’ve been having a rough time with life and all (getting better, but still stressed and sad..) , but what can you do right? Anyways, enough with the depressing stuff.


I got a review on the Face Shop Rice water  bright cleansing foam! I think this is a first beauty related review I did on this blog? Anywho, I got this product I think 2 weeks ago, and let me say I love it! The Face Shop is a South Korean beauty brand that specializes in all things beauty like, Skincare,, makeup, face care and more. There items are not at all expensive, (I live in Canada, so other places may be cheaper. ) I paid $9 for this product. So I guess let’s just start with the good?


-Price wise, like I said above it was fairly good. $9 is a good price, compared to some drugstore cleansers. I haven’t really looking much into high end stuff, but I was looking for one  under $20 good face cleanser. And so I found this one. There is another one that’s the same Rice water, but its a gentle exfoliater. The lady there said it was ok to use daily too, but I opted for the foam one because I already have an exfoliater.

-The smell wasn’t too strong, and I actually like the smell. It’s not “ricey” or whatever, and it doesn’t smell chemicaly either. The smell is faint and nice, I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s nice lol

-Cleans my face nicely! It’s gentle enough and it doesn’t leave your face quenching for moisture. It feels so smooth after I moisturize too! It does foam a little when you rub in your face and the product is smooth to apply.


-I don’t see much brightening effect on it? I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, and I don’t really see much of a difference. Mind you, I have fairly pale skin…(don’t ask why I bought something meant for brightening) I think initially, it kinda sort of brightened, but then it changed and went back to normal, so I think the whole brightening thing is kinda untrue. So if you want to lighten your skin, don’t really depend on this, but it a good cleanser!

Overall: 9/10 This review is simple and short xD but I hope you get the gist of it and do try it out! oh and it works for all skin types which is plus! 😀