Deleting Instagram

THis is going to be a random, small little post- its not a rant (at least I dont think so) but its what the title says, I deleted some of my instagram accounts. Before this post is up, I had a total of 5 instagram accounts. You’re probably thinking wtf, but yes, I have 5 of them. Recently, I was thinking of making yet another one (I know, I know, do I have a life? no of course…)

The reason for making these accounts is well…I find them fun to manage. It makes me want to look forward everyday to see who followed back, who liked my pictures etc. It’s something I find comforting (even though when someone unfollows or whatnot, obviously it sucks and I get so gloomy because of it -_-) But anyways, thats besides the point. So yeah, I create them and manage them and it just gives me a sense of purpose in life, if that makes any sense.

And with that, I’ve found many nice people online. They all share similar interest with me, and its just so much easier to talk to them online. Some of you may nod your head at that, but I find it nice to meet them online. It’s so much easier and I get less anxious (I still get kinda anxious…). So I made a few friends online which is nice, but realized, I’ve been bias to some of my accounts. It got me thinking…maybe I should just delete some of them.

So I did. I told my online friends that I would delete, and I did just that. Its a weird feeling because I felt like I lost something that I worked on for a long time (which is partially true). Now I’m typing this, I feel its such a pointless posts lol But I feel so weird, I feel like I lost something big.

Anyways, now I only have to focus and love my 4 accounts- its still a lot, but I feel like these ar ethe ones I can handle with ease. whereas The other 2 I felt no motivation and struggled with getting followers. Not only that, I struggled with finding what to post too…

I even felt that way with my Facebook. Not sure if I will go and delete that because I have people there I know technically, but I hardly talk to them anymore. Uh…I really want to delete Facebook too but still unsure..I find it so intoxicating you know? seeing others do stuff and happy…yea maybe I’m just depressed…ugh

anyways, this is just so random. I just wanted to post because I feel kinda heartbroken seeing my other accounts go. This is dumb right? Ah ok see ya next time….

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