Hello again, and I’m back with another rant! It’ll be quick cuz right now I’m just fuming >.>

Alright so from the title you probably have noticed that it’s about Yes, I write fanfics, (my own stories as well, as I enjoy writing) and so I opened up my Fanfiction account about 4 months ago. So I have a couple of stories there and haven’t received much negative reviews…..until now.

OK, first off, my story is a comedy and romance….. and its about strippers. (not gonna put a link, cuz yah). First off, I honestly thought my idea isn’t that bad/ controversial. The gist of it is about a couple of strippers who dance (duh) and then they fall love with some of the people in the audience. I thought it wasn’t bad, but oh boy are some people sensitive.

I posted the first chapter a day ago, and I got 2 negative reviews on it already. And it’s not even constructive criticism, they say “stripper stories are trash, stop belittling the characters.” and “you’re sick for writing this.” -____- oh ma gaaaawd, it’s a FANFICTION!! friggin hell people.

The thing is that my story is based off of fictional characters. They are¬†not real obviously. If it was about celebs or something, then it would be somewhat different¬†because in a way that’s disrespectful. But fictional characters? Come on. My story was meant to be fun and some people clearly don’t have a sense of humor.

And get this, these people are guest/anonymous reviews which means I cannot reply back to them. And that they are nonexistence users who are either too lazy to log in to their real account (and get blood on their hands) or they just trollin and shit.

honestly, for the next chapter I’m planning to write a little author’s note saying that if they don’t like what I’m writing, don’t fucking read it! Simple as that jeez lol But whatever, some people are just too childish and dumb to act like mature beings and they just like doing it for the fun of it. Ugh.

anyways, that’s my little random rant. I read up on it too, and people are complaining about these guest/anonymous users. I wish automatically deletes them, it’s not helpful for the writer and the fanficiton community. Frankly speaking, it kinda ruins the experience, ya know? You’re probably saying just grow a thicker skin, why not those idiots go throw themselves out the window? Ya, peace.