Free! Season 2 rant + review! :P

Alright, first off SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen/finished Free! Season 2

OK, now that’s out-of-the-way, let me begin my thoughts/ rant whatever you may want to call it. This is purely MY OWN OPINION, this is I guess, is also a review of the show and how I thought of it overall.

Well, I actually just finished watching the last episode of Season 2…and let me tell you…soemthing is really bugging me. Like reeeaaally bugging me. I’m going to be honest here, I’m actually quite disappointed with Season 2 ūüė¶ As much as it kills me to say it, I really did not like season 2. Season 1 had more¬† plot, there was a lot more character development/ character strength improvements, more “problems” while balancing “fun” episodes. Season 2 was just a huge emotional mess.

Now, like my previous post (the one talking about spoilers…), I don’t binge watch shows. I like to take my time with shows/animes, and so I only watch them once a week. (how I manage to do that, beats me) Because of that, I¬†lose track of what’s going on and what happened in the last episode etc. BUT its harder for me to concentrate when I’m slowly slipping away from the show, does that make sense? xD

After season 1, I was in love with the show. The first episode was the best, it got me right in. OK, maybe it has something to do with goodlooking shirtless guys wearing tight speedos doing overly flashy poses, but what really got me into it, was the story, the animation, the characters, even the music! Everything was wonderful, and I have finally found another Anime that I truly love and enjoy! Season 1 wrapped up nicely, and hearing that there would be a second season coming, made me that much more excited!

Well……season 2 was very different. Honestly, when they were introducing new characters, I thought there would be “another rival” for Haru, *cough cough Sousuke cough*. But…he didn’t really do much :/ Yes he had an injury, so maybe that was the reason why he couldn’t do much, but he didn’t have that, ‘badass, I’m gonna beat you in any way possible’ vibe. Initially, I felt he did, but his character ended up being bland and disappointing. Aaah, i feel bad…I really don’t want to talk bad about this show because I Love it, buts sighs, its bothering me so much >.<

Secondly, there’s a lot of emotional scenes, like it got pretty deep. Everyone was all stressing about what there gonna do after high school, Haru had this super high nightmare, Nagisa was running away from home…all of these random problems, it just…didn’t really fit in. I felt like the creators slowly got bored, and just added some random problems that each characters could have, to fill in each episode. It wasn’t about making the team better anymore, it more like, ‘oh, I have a problem, let’s all fix it before we can move on to practice.’

Lastly, the very last episode has got to be the most disappointing. I kinda lost track of what happened, but I thought RIn’s team and Haru’s team would swim against each other in a relay. Instead, it was only Haru’s team that swam? I mean, they¬†could have¬†had one (intense) last match before wrapping up the season, but they didn’t which made me feel…uneasy/disjointed?

Sighs, anyways, I don’t know, throughout the season I always wondered if their going to continue with it, and with that ending…I really don’t think so. >_< I wish there was, I mean…there could be a slight possibility, because it shows Rin and Haru in a World competition, but that’s it. Ehh It could just mean that they fulfilled there dreams and…. The End? sighs

It saddens me to think that it’s over, I really believe this show had so much potential. I even thought of countless ideas of what would’ve happened in season 2, but none of it happened. Anyways, I guess I’m bothered by the fact that the whole season in general was all over the place. Who else feels kinda weird after watching the last episode? Is it just me? Probably…

I’ll give season 2 a:¬†¬†¬†¬† 4.5/10 >__<

Season 1 was: 10/10 really! ^_^ I enjoyed it that much. ‚̧

Anyways, that wraps up my crappy review and rant. Part of me is hoping there would be a season 3…but its probably never gonna happen. sighs ūüė•¬† ok till next time guys!

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