On Feb 8th…something wonderful happened :) (to me at least)

On the day of Feb 8 2015…Kris and Luhan finally were in the same place together! After like, 8ish months? I woke up to this wonderful news, seeing them close together and with smiles on their faces really made me super happy!

I’m a super Kris and Luhan shipper, and seeing them together again makes me sooo happy! I was feeling this warm fuzzy feeling inside (i know its cheesy) but it really warmed my heart! :’) Luhan was being really close and clingy lol and he didn’t want to leave Kris’s side, and Kris didn’t look like he wanted to leave him either! aaaah, it was so cute. At the end, Luhan went to grab Kris’s arm and then someone separated them, and Luhan was like, “Call me!” LOL awww, and Kris was like nodding and smiling. ❤

The thing is, they weren’t supposed to be seen together in public because of the on going mediation. I’m just kinda worried that SM would do something drastic…I hope nothing bad happens. SM has already filed a lawsuit against them because they were doing activities while in mediation which in my opinion is absolute BS. Because past cases, some were allowed to do other things. I mean, what are they supposed to do? Lie in bed for the rest of their lives? -_- Anyways, I really love today (or the 8th, because I’m typing this yesterday) I really hope for a collab together, I can just imagine the double fangrling I would be doing :DDD

(I would be putting a picture up but I’m using my mom’s computer which is unbearably slow..)