YASS you read Β the title correctly, I have just encountered my first Shiny pokemon in ORAS!! Yaaay! and its a SHINY RALTS! WHOOOO I literally was screaming my head off when I saw this cutie, did I mention it was a male?

And no, I’m not evolving him to a Gallade…yeeeup, he’s going to my Male Gardevoir! (ahem, only Pokemon nerds will understand why I named him Wallace πŸ˜‰ ) I don’t understand why there is so much hate on Male Gardevoirs, can’t they be fabulously beautiful too? I mean, a Female Machamp is alright, I’m not hating. Sure I prefer a male one, but come on, Gardevoirs can be male too! And they rock the dress as much as a female does. Nuff said πŸ™‚

Anyways, I was doing the DexNav chaining, and my goodness, let’s just say it’s so much easier than the one in XY. I couldn’t get the hang of the radar, it was so annoying to me. Sneaking and creeping (lol) around is so much more fun, just my opinion. I was using a synchronized Timid ralts to find my Shiny Ralts. I already knew I wanted a male and for him to be Timid so….Gallade wasn’t even an option for me…BUUUT now that I got my shiny, I may even go for another shiny ralts and make him a Gallade πŸ˜€ It’s too perfect, sighs *yaoi fangirling right now*

My first encounter with the shiny ralts was actually really quick! I usually do like 2-3 hours a day of chaining, (props to the people who can do more, I just can’t sand after 3 hours) and it was a female Shiny ralts! I was like crying because it was the first one i saw! was female, but whatever! I wanted to catch her anyways….and then…guess what she did….


This lil beeotch, My goodness, I was so ready to throw my DS. The funny thing is, is that I was just reading up on some pokemon that could teleport or run away…and I was just so oblivious…that ralts didn’t occur in my mind -__- So she got away, but like I said, she was a female and it wasn’t really a total loss.

And so I tried at it again, and this time it took longer 😦 But one night, I wasn’t aware I saw the glorious blue bowl cut and I was screaming hysterically!! And it was a boy! I was so happy, I mean looked it just in case (it was under level 8 anyways but whatever haha) and then caught the cutiepoo with a Great ball πŸ˜€

Wallace my shiny ralts

I’m so happy that I got it, actually I caught him a week ago, but posted this now because no internet -.- And I named him Wallace because I love that guy, he’s so fab and beautiful, why not name my new Shiny that? ^_^ I’m just hoping his IVs are decent, I’m not expecting a lot, but I just hope the checker doesn’t go like, “Yuck, he’s a disgrace! He sucks!” ;__; Anyways, now I’m trying to go for a Shiny Eevee..and let’s just say…I’m very close in giving up 😦 Search level is over 300 and still haven’t found the darn thing. Well crossing my fingers for one soon, and hope you will get your dream Shiny as well!! Till next time~!

Edit: Actually today I just got my Shiny Eevee!! It caught my by surprise lol But the only thing is….its a girl 😦 I wanted a boy (yes I am obsessed with male Pokemon lol) I was planning on making it an Umbreon and it will be all blue and pretty and stuff. But its a maybe I’ll go at it again πŸ™‚ I have the perfect nickname for him…it would be Kuroko :’) Any KnB fans out there? You know what I’m talkin about. ❀

Kuroko no Basket_Kuroko_5luna my shiny eevee