[Review ] Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

Hey guys, I’m still alive, how is everyone? From the previous posts I’ve been having a rough time with life and all (getting better, but still stressed and sad..) , but what can you do right? Anyways, enough with the depressing stuff.


I got a review on the Face Shop Rice water  bright cleansing foam! I think this is a first beauty related review I did on this blog? Anywho, I got this product I think 2 weeks ago, and let me say I love it! The Face Shop is a South Korean beauty brand that specializes in all things beauty like, Skincare,, makeup, face care and more. There items are not at all expensive, (I live in Canada, so other places may be cheaper. ) I paid $9 for this product. So I guess let’s just start with the good?


-Price wise, like I said above it was fairly good. $9 is a good price, compared to some drugstore cleansers. I haven’t really looking much into high end stuff, but I was looking for one  under $20 good face cleanser. And so I found this one. There is another one that’s the same Rice water, but its a gentle exfoliater. The lady there said it was ok to use daily too, but I opted for the foam one because I already have an exfoliater.

-The smell wasn’t too strong, and I actually like the smell. It’s not “ricey” or whatever, and it doesn’t smell chemicaly either. The smell is faint and nice, I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s nice lol

-Cleans my face nicely! It’s gentle enough and it doesn’t leave your face quenching for moisture. It feels so smooth after I moisturize too! It does foam a little when you rub in your face and the product is smooth to apply.


-I don’t see much brightening effect on it? I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, and I don’t really see much of a difference. Mind you, I have fairly pale skin…(don’t ask why I bought something meant for brightening) I think initially, it kinda sort of brightened, but then it changed and went back to normal, so I think the whole brightening thing is kinda untrue. So if you want to lighten your skin, don’t really depend on this, but it a good cleanser!

Overall: 9/10 This review is simple and short xD but I hope you get the gist of it and do try it out! oh and it works for all skin types which is plus! 😀