Hey ya’ll! Well today was Fan Expo and I met the one and only SPOCK/SYLAR/THREDSON etc……. thee ZACHARY QUINTO! Omg…he was so nice and genuine and OH so down to earth!! He’s such a great guy!!! 

Though i went to get his autograph he can clearly see that I was soooo frickin nervous like I was shaking!! He asked me some questions and I just stammered and messed everything up! And because I messed everything up, he was about to ask me for a name but I immediately thought the session was over ….so I was like BYE… O____O WHUT. He was like oh, and then says bye and thanks me for coming and shakes my hand 😀 

But the thing is…i never got to tell him my name! BECAUSE I WAS TOO DAMN NERVOUS/ANXIOUS AND EVERYTHING! so basically i have an autograph that isn’t addressed to anybody 😦 thats the only thing i kinda regret because i wished i just say what i wanted to say ( i practiced at home lol )  and just be good to go. But i was so scared lol aaaaah but he’s so cool and nice ! 

Oh and I  actually did a photo op with him 😀 he’s so tall…or am I just too short? I think both of that haha


everything is worth every penny lol but yeah…over $200 spent but that’s ok, because he’s awesome 🙂 ♥ I also recoded the panel he was in but my camera was stupid and only recorded some D: I may post here but I dunno, wordpress is laggy today….


My goodness, I went on my blog today and the last post I did was October! oops.

Of course, I have been away because of various reasons: mainly hardly any internet (its getting better…) and school. College is really stressing me out..

You know that feeling of when you’re in elementary school and the next “level” is high school so you’re not that worried because you will be living a scheduled life? same goes with high school, you go to university/college.

But now I’m in the LAST stage of my education (sort of- you’re always learning -__- ), I feel, wow, now I have to find a REAL job and make a living! I just feel so…overwhelmed and stressed out about it. My profs all been stressing about ‘oh, make your demo reels as best as you can’, ‘this is it, you have to show these companies that you got what it takes’ blah, and all that, and I sometimes find myself just sooooooooooooo…..overwhelmed. that’s the only word I can think. oh, and pressured too, definitely pressured.

I really want to be really great at what I love to do- but theres so much competition in my class and out in the world! I know theres competition everywhere but…I feel like I need to be so much better. maybe they can motivate me, I try to think of it like that. sighs.

Anyways, this is my little rant of the day I guess.


Oh, and happy 2013. We’re alive.