Hello world again!

Oh my its been a while! Well a quickie updaty is first…IM DONE COLLEGE. IM DONE WITH SCHOOL! (well I was done a month and half ago ha) I’ve been now looking for a job, either related to animation or just retail work, I’m so desperate right now ;___; *cries in corner* 

I actually got an interview from a studio in Vancouver, but my parents were highly against it so that’s why I declined the offer 😦 you may think why did you apply there thats on the other side of the country, well I kinda wanted to, even though I knew my parents wouldn’t let me- I just did it because yolo, no I’m kidding. I did it because I wanted to broaden my applications, and it turned out  that the Vancouver one picked me. I really wanted to do it to be honest, but I tried to calculate the expenses and all that stuff and it was risky. 😦 One day…one day..

Another thing is that I have a little rant or thoughts posts about EXO’s Kris Lawsuit coming up. So I’m in the middle of word vomiting my thoughts onto Word so I’ll be able to post it up, hopefully today since i have some time.

AND, there is possibly a hair product review coming up as well. A little sneak preview, its relating to the Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Strength Reconstructing Butter! (wow that was a mouthful) so stay tuned! 🙂 

Anyways that’s all about the updates…er I think? Well if theres more, i’ll just post it!