On Feb 8th…something wonderful happened :) (to me at least)

On the day of Feb 8 2015…Kris and Luhan finally were in the same place together! After like, 8ish months? I woke up to this wonderful news, seeing them close together and with smiles on their faces really made me super happy!

I’m a super Kris and Luhan shipper, and seeing them together again makes me sooo happy! I was feeling this warm fuzzy feeling inside (i know its cheesy) but it really warmed my heart! :’) Luhan was being really close and clingy lol and he didn’t want to leave Kris’s side, and Kris didn’t look like he wanted to leave him either! aaaah, it was so cute. At the end, Luhan went to grab Kris’s arm and then someone separated them, and Luhan was like, “Call me!” LOL awww, and Kris was like nodding and smiling. ❤

The thing is, they weren’t supposed to be seen together in public because of the on going mediation. I’m just kinda worried that SM would do something drastic…I hope nothing bad happens. SM has already filed a lawsuit against them because they were doing activities while in mediation which in my opinion is absolute BS. Because past cases, some were allowed to do other things. I mean, what are they supposed to do? Lie in bed for the rest of their lives? -_- Anyways, I really love today (or the 8th, because I’m typing this yesterday) I really hope for a collab together, I can just imagine the double fangrling I would be doing :DDD

(I would be putting a picture up but I’m using my mom’s computer which is unbearably slow..)

The World isn’t Half bad…

Hey y’all! I know what you’re going to say…its been a while. But I’m here…and alive, hopefully.

I’m just here to type some of my thoughts down really quick, and the first thing you’re probably wondering is why I titled the post “the world isn’t half bad”. Well, its kinda of the world I see through my eyes. No, I’m not going to be all philosophical or whatever, its just lately, I guess I have been getting all sorts of mood swings. As you may or may not know, I do suffer from Social Anxiety, and it weighs heavily on my life. But the thing is, I don’t always “feel”it, if that makes any sense.

Like, one day I would wake up happy, I usually go and check my instagram (which I’m still deciding whether I should share it) and see if Kris or any sorts of info has been released/posted, but that doesn’t usually determine my day. LIke I said, I would just wake up…happy 🙂 . But…there are days (more of them, mind you) that I wake up, feeling lost, depressed, not motivated…unhappy. Maybe I also have bi-polar, but I just hate the ups and downs in life. I know in life, there will always be ups and downs, that’s what makes life interesting and not boring. But my life, I feel like I have a lot of downs. I make myself think my life is a downwards spiral. I try my best to not think negatively, or the past , or what someone said etc, but I always end up thinking of it, and making myself feel unworthy, worthless, scared, and well, unhappy.

For example, you may think this is a stupid reason to be worrying, but I have decided today to go out and hand out resumes in the mall. (because I also desperately need money, and need to not spend any more time with my dad). I was petrified, I don’t know if I was worried about the journey there ( I had to take the bus) or if it was going up to people and asking if they were hiring. -__- Like, honestly, it was both. I was scared. But I MADE myself scared. I somehow talked myself in and out of it, I was having a internal debate with myself! I feel like, if my mind wasn’t so negative and if I looked at things in another perspective, things won’t go into chaos and I wouldn’t have to worry so much. So, I kept telling myself, “its going to be OK, think of the outcomes/goals that could come out of this”. And those goals would be, getting a job, which means experience, staying away from my dad, I have something to do (or purpose in life)….and getting money. And I have, I guess a long term goal, is to save up some extra money, so that one day I could go and meet Kris. Yeah.

I tried to thrive on that goal. And, with one step outside, I was heading towards the bus stop. DOn’t get me wrong, I am not a hermit, and I’m not afraid of people, I just clam up in front of them because 99.9% of the time I don’t know what to say to them back! So after handing out all of my resumes, I felt relieved, and in a way, happy for myself. I came back home feeling like I did something worth while. I guess, taking that risk felt good. More than good…amazing.

I guess the lesson of the post here is to take risks. Even though you may THINK it sounds like its the end of the world if you do take it… but its not. You just need to train your mind to think that its going to be OK, and to look at the goals/results that could benefit, if you do take that risk. I really have to try to not talk myself out of things and just……go for it.

Anyways, sorry for the random post and my ramblings. I just needed to get this out of my chest. So, in the eyes of a person with SA….the world isn’t half bad, you just need to give it a chance.

Breeding Shiny Pokemon….is such a drag!!

Yes, I’m currently trying to breed a Shiny Axew and its taking FOREVER!! Like what is this? I’m doing the Masuda Method, and I have a Japanese Gible and my Canadian Axew (eh?) and they have been in the daycare for a few days now, popping out babies like hot cakes and still no shiny!


I keep seeing the same green Axews 😦 I need a purple neck Axew!!
Why is this taking sooo long? 😦 maybe I have bad luck 😦 I really want one…
Shiny Haxorus looks so cool, and I know I’m being picky but I want my Shiny Haxorus to be a boy. I have an all boys team lol and if my Shiny Axew pops out as a boy….I know exactly who I’m going to name him. 😉

tumblr_n8iwftCxRO1rp3ug0o1_500 tumblr_n893c0abBI1tb4zmyo1_500 tumblr_n9g7r4duvw1tfyc9co1_500

am I right? ♥ its perfect 😀


My thoughts on Kris’s Lawsuit

Hey everyone! Wow is has been a while, hasn’t it? (what else is new?) I was actually thinking about doing a video on this but then I was like..NAH- i dont know what gave me the idea that I should do a video but whatever, i’m writing this. So as you can clearly see from the title is going to be about Kris/ Wu Yifan’s Lawsuit.

PLEASE NOTE: this is my opinion and thoughts on this situation! I support fully towards both Kris and EXO! Also note that this post may be extremely messy and unorganized…i’m literally just pouring my thoughts onto here, ok? Good Now we cleared that out…lets begin shall we? Prepare for some word vomit!


So you may have heard, Kris from EXO filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on May 15. It stated that he wants to terminate his contract with them (meaning to end it) I remember just checking up on facebook before I went to bed and I saw that news and I literally BAWLED MY EYES OUT. (Oh and just to point out, I know I stated Luhan was main bias in EXO, but Kris crept his way into my heart VERY quickly xD Kris was now my main bias and he still is!) I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I kept telling myself it was all a dream, but it wasn’t- it was a living nightmare. I know I probably sound so over dramatic but it literally got me so depressed. I was legit depressed, believe me. Every time I would see news/rumours about him I would cry again…i was an emotional mess.

So after a few days, Kris updated his Weibo and Instagram again I felt more at ease, almost like my soul was at rest kind of thing. It comforted me a lot, especially when he said “Wu Yifan will always be here.” *Brb gonna cry a river again* And there were other crazy rumours going around saying SM was controlling the other member’s phones and unfollowing Kris on instagram and other weird stuff like that- which turned out to be false. OK, where am I going with this..

Ever since this issue happened, the fandom has been split severely. One side ( the bigger side mind you) is all OT11 and the tiny minority, is Kris fans and there is that wee side that still hopes for OT12. Now, dont get me wrong, I would love it for Kris to go back and everyone is all happy…but would Kris be happy? I was having those thoughts during the first week of the lawsuit, “oh, i wish Kris could come back. “ “why can’t everything will be back to normal?” Well…there was always a reason for everything.

I obviously don’t know Kris personally, (i wish i did) and I know that he cares for the other members of EXO. You can see it through fancams, Showtime, pictures, interviews etc that he cares for them. A lot of people bash him and say “oh he’s selfish, how can he leave them at a critical time like now?!?!” You know there is no, “ideal time”, even if he waits after the concerts and files the lawsuit, he will still get bashed. I read somewhere that he planned to file it before April, but when the Ferry incident occurred, he was being respectful and waited a whole month after.

I also believe that that EXO cares for Kris still as well, and they miss him dearly- some more than others, especially the China-line, Suho, Baekhyun, Sehun and possibly Chanyeol. I really do think that they all were close like brothers, heck they trained together for years!

We will never know the full truth behind it all unfortunately, but from what we know right now Kris is NOT selfish, and is doing it for his own reasons- may it be health, salary or other opportunities that were denied. Some people say he doesn’t have a heart condition, which I kinda understand since Kris didn’t confirm it and that the news site that released it was known to spread stupid rumours. The thing that is fishy to me is that, why did SM reject Kris’s movie offers?  Kyungsoo (D.O) and Luhan got acting offers…but SM rejected Kris’s. That’s something i don’t understand. And filing a lawsuit because of that doesn’t make him selfish, because why would he have to put up with this if he sees other members getting offers that he couldn’t have? Kris has always wanted to act and SM flatly rejects them. The hell SM?!

Anyways, a few weeks ago, there has been a picture of Kris at a hospital in China (possibly getting a check up) and he was with mom (AWWWW ^^). Some say he was at a regular hospital, whereas some rumours say it was an hospital for the heart. But whatever he has a heart condition or not, I still see people saying terrible things about him, like, “oh i can just stand at a hospital and say that I have myocarditis blah blah blah” like, really…-_____- some of these stupid comments I see are from allkpop-there are so many trolls lurking around over there…

Oh my I don’t even know anymore, this post is just so random. OTL My final thoughts are that I highly believe that Kris loved being in EXO. Yes, he had to go through difficult times. But he managed to go right through. Kris cares for EXO and the fans and would do anything to make them happy. That’s how much of an amazing guy he is. If it wasn’t for the company, I would really think that Kris would have stayed, even for a few more years. Imagine this: EXO is in YG or another company; I can guarantee you that the company would have accepted Kris’s offers and allowed him to act within the schedule. Yes, even though Kris wanted to be an actor,  he still enjoyed performing on stage with his other brothers.    

I am with Kris and I chose to support him whatever happens. I do care and love EXO as well, but it’s still hard to see just 11 of them, and to be honest, they all have each other, Kris is…by himself. I still have mixed feelings towards this, but I have more or less “moved on”. I want Kris to be happy, so if staying with the company won’t give him happiness than I’m with him all the way for leaving. It’s really sad to think that, through and behind his beautiful smile, he was in pain, hurting deep down. Kris is not the type to share his feeling that easily, so that was probably another reason why he couldn’t express it openly to the other members.

Anyways, this post is going all over the place, I’m so sorry T.T I had it all planned in my head but then when it came to writing it was just blah…any who Please support both sides- Kris and EXO. Right now, I heard the court if trying to make Kris and SM negotiate together one more time, otherwise they will have to go into court and who knows how long that would take >__<  I am hoping for the best…whatever the best will be. ❤    

Hello world again!

Oh my its been a while! Well a quickie updaty is first…IM DONE COLLEGE. IM DONE WITH SCHOOL! (well I was done a month and half ago ha) I’ve been now looking for a job, either related to animation or just retail work, I’m so desperate right now ;___; *cries in corner* 

I actually got an interview from a studio in Vancouver, but my parents were highly against it so that’s why I declined the offer 😦 you may think why did you apply there thats on the other side of the country, well I kinda wanted to, even though I knew my parents wouldn’t let me- I just did it because yolo, no I’m kidding. I did it because I wanted to broaden my applications, and it turned out  that the Vancouver one picked me. I really wanted to do it to be honest, but I tried to calculate the expenses and all that stuff and it was risky. 😦 One day…one day..

Another thing is that I have a little rant or thoughts posts about EXO’s Kris Lawsuit coming up. So I’m in the middle of word vomiting my thoughts onto Word so I’ll be able to post it up, hopefully today since i have some time.

AND, there is possibly a hair product review coming up as well. A little sneak preview, its relating to the Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Strength Reconstructing Butter! (wow that was a mouthful) so stay tuned! 🙂 

Anyways that’s all about the updates…er I think? Well if theres more, i’ll just post it!  


EXO- Mini rant..thing

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a hater or a homophobic or EXO’s inner thoughts.

Alright, first off, please read the disclaimer above. This post is going to be about the “rumours” I have been hearing from tumblr, other sites etc.

So, like everyone who is obsessed with kpop groups, you have a bias, or 2..or 3..or 149038284. Mine in EXO so happens to be Luhan and Kris. Luhan is such a sweete little cutie pie you can’t even look away from that pretty face, and Kris is just..Kris lol He’s hot in his own way, you know?

Anyways, now the thing is about the EXO fandom is that A LOT of people like to ship the members with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I do that too lol, but as a fun and fangirly way. BUt then there are some people who literally make it sound like it’s “Breaking news”, if that makes any sense. So I became an Exotic not too long ago, maybe in the beginning of January 2014. When i became one, a lot of people were talking about “HunHan” and “XiuHan”. Of course being the newbie here, i was like, “is that a person?” “what is a HunHan?” I keep seeing those things everywhere! It dawned to me that it was a name for a pairing. DUH. So now that I had more info and exposure to EXO, i realized a lot of people like to ship Luhan with Sehun or Xiumin.

Now, because one of my biases is Luhan I was delighted to hear that he was a popular person to pair up with. I was happy that Luhan was playful and acting cute towards the other two members in fancams, concerts and other stuffs. But as time went on, Xiuhan has become extremely popular. On tumblr, I see pics of the two doing more stuff together, like walking off somewhere or going to get something to eat together and whatnot.

Let me put it out there. I am NOT agaisnt Xiuhan. Let me repeat, I AM NOT AGAINST XIUHAN (or whatever pairing you decided to plop Luhan into). I actually adore Luhan and Xiumin togeher, and I have nothing against Xiumin either, he’s actually kinda cute. BUT…the thing that’s bothering me is that other fans make it sound like there actually dating. You know, people make a bunch of posts, making it sound like that there an actual couple and such. LIke the disclaimer in the beginning of the post, I am also NOT a homophobic. So why does this relate to Xiuhan? Well the fact that some people make it sound like there actually Gay.

I honestly believe, Luhan is not gay. Despite that pretty face and gorgeous smile…really, I don’t think he is. He is quite manly lol (and no I don’t mean Gay guys can’t be manly ) and he just…I don’t know he kind of gives off a “Straight” feel…if thats makes sense.. And Xiumin, the same thing.  My guy friend always backhugs other guy friends and occasionally slips his arms around other guys..but guess what, he straight as a stick.   I keep seeing some people would post a bunch of gifs and pictures to prove that Xiuhan is “real”. And also this is kinda off topic, but i see fanwars between “Xiuhan” vs. “Hunhan”…I mean seriously? It’s really dumb.

Anywho, I know it’s selfish of me to think and hope that Luhan is straight, but if he was straight, I would (and many other gals out there) would have at least 0.000000000001% that could meet him and have that chance with him.  Because whereas if he was gay..it would be 0%. You see where I’m getting at?

I have no problems with Gays whatsoever, its just other people making it sound like they are, frankly, it kind of ruins the whole fandom in my opinion. I don’t mind people writing fics about them and whatnot or talking about how cute Luhan is when he held Xiumin’s hand. It’s the fact that some people would try to go and prove that they are gay. That’s the thing that really pisses me off. I mean, you don’t know them, you don’t know what they are thinking of so how can you judge them based off of what you see in those videos. I’m not saying I know them either, but it’s just people who just go on and on about it that really gets on my nerves.

Anyways, this is my opinion with this whole situation and all. This also applies with other pairings in EXO, but those ones don’t bother me as much. That is all..I don’t know if other people agree with me or not, but this is my opinion. Anywho..till next time!


Hello….wow…long time…

Hey guys, it’s been a while? I know I say that way too much  but of course, I’ve been pretty busy with school (what else is new?). But recently I have been addicted to something I thought I wouldn’t even think about going back to. I think I;m back into the kpop fandom again. -_- I surprised even myself. Wow…wordpress is so laggy…

Anyways, the new boyband that I’m currently obsessing is……..EXO!! Let’s just say I had a really hard time avoiding them, and just accepted that I am now an Exotic and it’s going to be a looooong time for me to get over it 🙂 I have 2 biases… LUHAN AND KRIS!!♥ Yeah Luhan is such a cutie, omg his face… so adorable. And Kris is so…charismatic and cool lol makes me heart flutter hehe 


But there is something that kinda bugs me now and then about them, but that will be in the next post!! 🙂Image <— look at that face!!! aaaaaaaahhhh♥


Image  <— and there’s Kris! Chinese-Canadian pride!! ^^