Anime North 2015 Haul~!

Hello, gonna make a quickie post right now! I am currently at he library cuz you know me, no internet…and also that our house has a viewing, so we can’t go in for a few hours. But 2 days ago (may 23), I went to ANIME NORTH! yaay, from my previous posts I talked about going to AN, and well, I went with my guy friend and his groupΒ of friends, which turned out…surprisingly OK. There are times when it was awkward, because I had no idea what to say next and I’m just there..

Anyways, I didn’t cosplay, but I did make little cat ears! I would post a pic but its on my main computer right now (im on my laptop) so maybe I’ll insert after. But yeah, I just wore cat ears, and AN was actually nice. I went last year with my college friends, and so that made me want to go this year too. Maybe it’s because I’m in my nerd/anime phase again right now, so that’s why ahaha.

Seeing everyone dress up made me wish I went and dressed full-out too! I had some ideas of who I wanted to be next year if I do decide to go. I want to dress up as a guy lol Its either, Akashi, Kuroko, Ciel or Alois (all short guys lolz) πŸ˜€ But I’m aiming to be either Ciel or Alois, because, why not? Or I could be a female Murasakibara which I saw once! ^_^ I didn’t take a lot of pics, 1, being that I didn’t bring my big camera and 2, it was hard for me to ask people for a picture >.> But it was nice seeing favorite characters come to life! I was actually hoping I’d see a really good Murasakibara cosplay, and I dunno…maybe then ask for a picture and a hug lmaoooo (because Mura is gigantic and huggable) ❀

animenorth2015boughtitems_insta<—-(A pic of everything that I posted on my Instagram!)

But I did buy some merch, not as much as some others, but I bought some. As you can tell it’s mainly KNB stuff hehe Here are the posters, I wanted an official art poster, (in a scroll form) but surprisingly couldn’t find it! So I settled for this..


and a lovely fanart poster! ^_^


And I got KNB buttons of course…super cute!


I got an Zorua plushie! Awww, I love Zorua! I was aiming for Azumarill or Marill plushie (because they are my fave) but couldn’t find them! though I found a derpy looking Marill xD But Zorua is just as cute, and It was the last one the seller said! πŸ™‚


Lastly I got this suuuuuuper adorable, huggable, squishy cute giant pengiun/duck plushie! My sister says its from an anime? If it is please tell me! I want to know! The label is in Japanese and it’s just so cute! :3 oh wait i just googled it and its a Sumikko Gurashi PLush! πŸ˜€


Well that wraps up my AN haul, wished I bought more, but I was concerned of my money aha D: I had a whole shopping lists, but KNB merch was my main priority! ^_^ anyways see you next time in the middle of writing ANOTHER rant…

My rant about the ending of KnB Season2….

Alright, I told myself that I won’t write this , because 1. I’m like a year behind lol and 2. I’m kinda over it…but not really? But its nagging me in the back of my head, so I was like oooook, I’ll just get it off my chest. ok from the title, you can see what I’ll be ranting about…for those who haven’t seen it yet, spoiler alert! also this is my opinion, so if you got yours, wonderful..this is mine *puts hands on hips sassilly* <- is that even a word?

NOw….let me just tell you…..I HATE HOW IT ENDED. I’ve read some other comments and opinions about the match and most felt the same way, some had their own reasons, but here are mine.

OK, so first off, I spoiled it for my self a looooong time ago, I already knew Murasakibara was going to be in the zone, I just didn’t know when he would. SO, I’m watching the last 2 episodes, and omg there is just too many things that are bothering me about the whole match.

My main concern is the fact that Kagami went into the zone….again?!?!1 Yah, again, now ok, I know that Seirin is the main team to cheer for, blah blah blah…but honestly…Kagami going into the zone again makes it too jarring. Its like, they always need to depend on the zone in order to win. -_- LIke, I know it was that time of the story where the zone was being introduced but even Aomine said that it is harder to get into the zone for the second time…. And Kagami got in like it was a piece of cake. Also it was because of like, friendship or something like that, made him get into, whatever. That was the main reason why I had my jaw drop for the entire match, not because of amazement but because of disapproval. Also, the time limit in Kagami’s zone felt way too long. I know in reality it was probably like under a minute or 2, but I don’t know, and when he was doing his Jam thing (lol), it looked like he got even more boost from the zone and just won like that. Is it just me, or do I hear favouritism?

Second reason is that, why Murasakibara couldn’t jump at the last second? HOnestly, when that happened I literally choked on my spit. Like really…OK, let me just put it all out there, I am a big Murasakibara fan, and when I saw that I seriously couldn’t take it anymore. It’s like, that’s another excuse for Seirin to take home the point. I read some comment saying that there was a really subtle clue that showed Murasakibara’s “weakened” legs (It was the part where Kagami went for a three point but it didn’t go in), it showed Murasakibara kinda grunting (?) and Kuroko looked kinda shocked. I honestly thought KUroko’s reaction was because he knew the shot wouldn’t go in, but anyways that’s besides the point. So yeah, I know Himuro sort of explained it saying that he couldn’t jump because he was jumping around for the entire game, but stil…it just felt too a bad way of course.

And then third, is the last half of the game, the rest of Yosen seemed irrelevant. It was only Murasakibara and HImuro, and the rest were kinda just there (or not even there..) In the beginning They were all hyping their heights and defense skills, and then the last half Seirin was like, OK, let’s just charge in like no one’s home! No big deal right? -_-

Anyways, other weird stuff some people were saying is how KUroko was able to smack the ball out of Murasakibara’s hands in the end. I kinda thought it was as wee bit jarring but not really, I Mean, Murasakibara was hunched, with his knees bent and torso curled, his arms were not really extended, so in my prediction he temporally became maybe 6″4ish? KUroko is 5″6 (correct me if im wrong) and he jumped and raised his arms up adding to his height maybe close to 6″5 or even higher. I thought that was more believable than Kagami being able to be in the zone the second time. And there’s Kiyoshi, returning from his trauma, and miraculously able to jump in to help Kagami push the ball out of Murasakibara’s grip. I don’t know man, I don’t know…

Now the things is, story/plot wise, it all “makes sense”. Seirin is the main team to root for, so obviously they HAD to win. That’s the only thing that’s making their win understandable. I’m not being butt hurt or anything (maybe a little..but of good reason!), I don’t mind Yosen losing, it’s how they lost, that’s what made me bothered. Because technically speaking, without the zone, Seirin would have lost. Heck they were losing throughout the whole match. I feel like the zone is too easily activated, even Murasakibara got into it as well. (Don’t get me wrong, I love it when he was in zone πŸ˜‰ and it was nice to know that he like basketball afterall)

Anywho, this rant is forever long, i Just had to get it off my chest. I’m watching the 3rd season now, and I’m anticipating Akashi like theres no tomorrow. That guy freaks me out …in a good way πŸ˜‰ k till, next time!


YASS you read Β the title correctly, I have just encountered my first Shiny pokemon in ORAS!! Yaaay! and its a SHINY RALTS! WHOOOO I literally was screaming my head off when I saw this cutie, did I mention it was a male?

And no, I’m not evolving him to a Gallade…yeeeup, he’s going to my Male Gardevoir! (ahem, only Pokemon nerds will understand why I named him Wallace πŸ˜‰ ) I don’t understand why there is so much hate on Male Gardevoirs, can’t they be fabulously beautiful too? I mean, a Female Machamp is alright, I’m not hating. Sure I prefer a male one, but come on, Gardevoirs can be male too! And they rock the dress as much as a female does. Nuff said πŸ™‚

Anyways, I was doing the DexNav chaining, and my goodness, let’s just say it’s so much easier than the one in XY. I couldn’t get the hang of the radar, it was so annoying to me. Sneaking and creeping (lol) around is so much more fun, just my opinion. I was using a synchronized Timid ralts to find my Shiny Ralts. I already knew I wanted a male and for him to be Timid so….Gallade wasn’t even an option for me…BUUUT now that I got my shiny, I may even go for another shiny ralts and make him a Gallade πŸ˜€ It’s too perfect, sighs *yaoi fangirling right now*

My first encounter with the shiny ralts was actually really quick! I usually do like 2-3 hours a day of chaining, (props to the people who can do more, I just can’t sand after 3 hours) and it was a female Shiny ralts! I was like crying because it was the first one i saw! was female, but whatever! I wanted to catch her anyways….and then…guess what she did….


This lil beeotch, My goodness, I was so ready to throw my DS. The funny thing is, is that I was just reading up on some pokemon that could teleport or run away…and I was just so oblivious…that ralts didn’t occur in my mind -__- So she got away, but like I said, she was a female and it wasn’t really a total loss.

And so I tried at it again, and this time it took longer 😦 But one night, I wasn’t aware I saw the glorious blue bowl cut and I was screaming hysterically!! And it was a boy! I was so happy, I mean looked it just in case (it was under level 8 anyways but whatever haha) and then caught the cutiepoo with a Great ball πŸ˜€

Wallace my shiny ralts

I’m so happy that I got it, actually I caught him a week ago, but posted this now because no internet -.- And I named him Wallace because I love that guy, he’s so fab and beautiful, why not name my new Shiny that? ^_^ I’m just hoping his IVs are decent, I’m not expecting a lot, but I just hope the checker doesn’t go like, “Yuck, he’s a disgrace! He sucks!” ;__; Anyways, now I’m trying to go for a Shiny Eevee..and let’s just say…I’m very close in giving up 😦 Search level is over 300 and still haven’t found the darn thing. Well crossing my fingers for one soon, and hope you will get your dream Shiny as well!! Till next time~!

Edit: Actually today I just got my Shiny Eevee!! It caught my by surprise lol But the only thing is….its a girl 😦 I wanted a boy (yes I am obsessed with male Pokemon lol) I was planning on making it an Umbreon and it will be all blue and pretty and stuff. But its a maybe I’ll go at it again πŸ™‚ I have the perfect nickname for him…it would be Kuroko :’) Any KnB fans out there? You know what I’m talkin about. ❀

Kuroko no Basket_Kuroko_5luna my shiny eevee