Hi again….Quick Update……….


Has it been 2 months already….time flies…..

Quick update, I came back (2 months ago…lmfao) from a Family cruise to Europe, which was pretty neat. Because there wasn’t any wifi, it was a nice break to get away from social media. I did buy this expensive internet of 100 minutes, just to check my emails and apply to jobs. See how committed I am… -.-

Speaking of jobs….you guessed it! I got nothing as always! 😀 (I hope you can tell I was being sarcastic..)

Back to the trip, it was pretty nice, there was lots of yummy food on the cruise. I didn’t realize it was all free until my mom told me it was all paid for in the ticket price..which makes sense? Going to the top deck was pretty relaxing, minus the gusty winds, and seeing the sun set down was beautiful too. Got some souvenirs from different places, but the last country (Sweden) I didn’t get anything because we didn’t gave time -________-

Back to reality, I’m not sure if I mentioned in the previous post, but I wanted to go to another Anime con, but ended up not going because my friend bailed….not surprised…

What else happened…

I saw Suicide Squad, it was a last minute decision, and it wasn’t super bad….but I could definitely tell it could’ve been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I really hope Wonder Woman and Justice League can bring it all back up.. :/
Anyways, I can’t think of anymore “interesting” updates, so yeah. The post after this will be another rant-i-hate-my-life posts…so yeah. Currently I’m feeling extremely anxious and stressed out, which I why I decided to go on WordPress and rant.

See ya there…………

No Internet is a blessing in disguise

OK, so let me just start off by saying that I probably visited the library about every week now. Since I have no internet access (blame my dad for grounding me for the 9320230438483th time..) I literally take the trip to the library every week. And by trip I mean walk 30-40 minutes to the library. To be honest I enjoy walking outside, it gives me fresh air and some exercise, even though I try to work out every other day.

You’re probably wondering how the hell I can survive with no internet. Beats me! I guess I’ve grown accustomed to not “depend” on internet so much, so that I could actually survive everyday. SOmetimes you just have to unplug from your electronic devices and enjoy things that’s besides phones and laptops.

Now look, I’m not doing a cleanse or whatever, I never asked to be grounded 24/7, but honestly, sometimes I feel that the internet can be kinda depressing. Especially for people like me who suffers with SA a bit, its kinda overwhelming to log onto Facebook and find people doing “Exciting” things like partying and drinking and whatnot. I try to not let that bother me so much as I try to limit my Facebook usage. (HAA who uses Facebook anymore..?)

Anyways the point is, maybe we should all unplug ourselves from this crazy world, you would be amazed that just enjoying (physical) time with family and friends (or even with yourself) is a lot more relaxing than going to see who’s drunk on Facebook and who/s hooking up with who, blah blah blah.

DO not get me wrong, I enjoy the internet. You can see many different things on the internet, you can watch videos, go through people’s blogs, chat with people who have common interests as you on forums etc. But all I’m saying, don’t immerse yourself too much on the internet, we live in a 3D world…not a world through a LED screen.


Hello all…

I actually got some time on my hands right now and I feel like posing some shtuff here 😀 

So I finally gotten back to school (actually its been like 3 weeks already)  but I am already loaded with a crap load of homework. And because this is my last year in Animation…I LIKE REALLY HAVE SO MUCH PRESSURE ON ME LIKE OMG. Yeah. I feel that way about it everyday. Don’t you just love extra stress that gladly plops onto you? 

But in a way I feel its like a motivation for me to get better and learn more. Not that I wasn’t trying at all before..but it just hit me right now. :/ I don’t know, sometimes I feel super uber confident in my work and then there many days where it’s like…um, can you not display it in front of the class, kthx..

Not only that there’s a douchebag in my class who i hate (yes i know hate is a very strong word, whatevs) and he’s such a…and asshole… Well, let’s just say he was kind of racist towards Asians. Mmhmm, fucking retard. 

Anywho……………. hoping and praying to get better and be successful. I honestly want to show myself that I can do this. *yesican* :3