Oh them spoilers…

Alright, I’m going to make a quick post that is probably really pointless, but whatever, I’m feeling really bothered right now.

Ok, so from the title you read above, do you ever get that weird feeling when you’re watching a show (whether it’s an Tv show, anime, drama etc) and like, you just don’t want it to end? I mean, there is that saying, “All good things eventually end.” But still…that feeling is just so bad that it makes you go nuts??

So, I’m not going to mention the show I’m watching right now (just in case I get spoilers aha..) but I’m currently in the 2nd season (it already finished its 2nd season and its starting its 3rd- hint hint lol…) and I like to take my time with it. I usually force myself to not watch it everyday, and only watch 2 episodes a week, Normal people would go on a marathon, but for me, I like to savor the moment and keep myself “controlled” by only watching 2 episodes a week.

But by doing this, comes with a price, As you may know I have a tumblr and on my blog, I blog things I like ( duh), and so that temptation to search up that show is immensely increased. And so curiosity killed the cat, I searched it up and yaaaay…I see spoilers! Whoo hoo! -___- I literally almost slammed my laptop down from the one post that I saw…

And let me tell you, I am not happy. well, who is happy when someone spoils their show or whatnot? I know its so stupid, you’re probably thinking, “dude just don’t go on tumblr, or don’t search it up..” I know..why do I even bother? But the temptation is just too much!

Sighs, this post is stupid. I’m sorry. I’m just feeling really upset and…somewhat dissapointed? The post I saw was a scene I didn’t exactly wanted…let’s just put it that way. And so…my love for this show has decreased..slightly I guess? I’m still going to watch it probably…most likely,..yeah I’ll still watch it, but I can’t help but keep thinking of that post in the next season..

Goodness, this is stupid right? Sighs, the things I get myself into. Anyways, I’m just going to end the post right here because its getting really pointless and dumb. I just wanted to kinda rant about it..hope I’m not the only one with these thoughts and all. Or maybe I’m just being overly sensitive..? Yeah..maybe. Anyways till next time. *runs off and balls eyes out*


Hello all! I just caught up to the new TV show im currently obsessed with! The Following is such a an amazing, intense series! I love it! I really hope they will go for another season! i bet they will but OMG its the best! 

I’ve never been so hooked onto a TV series (besides anime and some asian  dramas LOL) but this one here is soooooo friggin amazing!

The main character (Ryan Hardy played by Kevin Bacon) has so much charisma and awesomeness and he’s so great trying his very best to keep the people he loves safe.

I was also in love with one of the villains in the show, his name is Roderick – hope thats how you spell his name lol but he is played by   Warren Kole and i think he absolutely adorable! hehe

SPOILER ALERT: so sad that he has to die 😦 cries


and friggin hell, Emma really anoys the hell out of me. she’s such a slutty bitch and i hate her so much. lol GAH i want to punch her face so hard =__=