I want a tattoo….!

I really do.

Though I told my mom and she flipped. What parents doesn’t? I’m almost 20 and she doens’t allow it at all! And it’s not even something that’s “visible”. LIke, I want one on my wrist, top of the back and perhaps behind the ear (that is VERY painful may i add..). I really, really want one and I think its so pretty and cool. I’m not trying to be a rebel or a punk emo chick. 

She keeps saying it makes me look, “rough”. -__- Well, I ain’t getting skulls and weird torture symbols… All I really want is feathers or wings on my wrist, maybe a dream catcher symbol with more feathers. The back I’d like to have a saying I’d like to remind myself (its personal) and maybe a bar code on the back as well ( lol I Know weird, but I find that soo cool!). 

I”m also debating for a small Yu-Gi-Oh signers tattoo…buts that’s not set in stone just yet. Why can’t i get one!! 😦 I see people on Facebook showing it off…and UGH i just want to have one…

What does it take to convince her? I love her so much and never ever want to get her angry, but I really like one er…..some!

My mom is a VERY conservative person, not to mention she’s a Christian. SHe says that “oh, the body is the temple for the spirit, you shouldn’t do things that damage it.” stuff like that…meanwhile my sister can get piercings anywhere? Um…I understand tattoos is a needle scraping your body but piercings are also needles injecting itself into yourself as well… 

Anywhoo, I needed to vent. Hopefully I will get some by the end of summer! Here are some picture that I’d wish to have! 😀